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What Happens Next

All applicants will be informed in writing of the decision of the Board of Trustees. If the application is approved, the applicant will be contacted to begin the process of developing program objectives and a program budget that will be incorporated into a formal Award Agreement. The Award Agreement contains the obligations and responsibilities of both the grantor (GBHCMF) and the grantee. If the grant is for a multi-year term, funding for years two and thereafter will be contingent on meeting operating and financial requirements for the prior year. The GBHCMF President and Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of the grantee organization are all required to be signatories to the Award Agreement. The Award Agreement is detailed and specific, as evidenced by a summary of the key provisions listed below:

  • The grantee agrees to use the funds only as specifically detailed in the Award Agreement. Funds expended prior to execution of the award agreement may not be reimbursed.
  • Any funds not expended at the end of the grant period or upon termination of the grant (if earlier) are returned to GBHCMF.
  • No part of the grant may be used to influence any legislation. The results of nonpartisan analysis, study, or research may be made available if these activities are specifically included in the Award Agreement.
  • No part of the grant may be used for participation or intervention in any political campaign.
  • GBHCMF does not exercise control of the organization receiving a grant and treats the organization as a separate and independent contractor. Operational implementation of the grant is the sole responsibility of the grantee.
  • The grantee agrees to separately account for all funds provided for the grant and agrees to allow GBHCMF to monitor and review the accounting, disbursement, financial practices, and internal audit systems of the organization.
  • Quarterly unaudited financial statements and an audited year-end financial statement for the entire organization receiving the grant are required.
  • A fidelity bond with GBHCMF named as a loss payee must be obtained by the grantee.
  • The accomplishments of the program must be measured, continuously monitored, and evaluated according to the specific outcome objectives in the Award Agreement.
  • Reports describing the program and financial activity must be submitted quarterly. A final report is submitted at the end of the grant that details the program accomplishments and financial activity and that describes the evaluation findings.
  • Public acknowledgement of GBHCMF as the source of funding or use of GBHCMF name by the grantee is allowed only with the express written permission of GBHCMF.



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